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Product Development

Scots Pine

We aim to do product development a little differently. Our guiding principle is that any products we develop, should be designed according to sustainable and regenerative principles. We also want to create products that we have a personal connection to and that we believe in. So whether you are looking to develop a spirit, soft drink or cocktail recipes, we can help you do so in manner that has a positive ecological impact and be very tasty all at the same time. 

Japanese Knotweed

Introduce people to wild ingredients and produce from regenerative farms


We want to introduce people to the array of wonderful ingredients that can be found in the wild and how delicious they are. We also want to show people how real produce tastes when grown in healthy soil according to regenerative principles. We want less supermarket produce and more support for small businesses and communities.

Be carbon negative

As we grow as a business and develop more products, our aim is to become a carbon negative business. By partnering with Ecologi, a platform that offsets carbon emissions through various projects (tree planting being one example), and Rewilding Britain who fund rewilding projects in the UK, we hope to set a carbon negative example of how a business can be run.

Hawthorn berries
Wild distillations

Responsible sourcing

We are committed to working with regenerative farms and producers, reducing air miles and sourcing wild ingredients that are sustainably foraged by professionals. But also working with brands that share a similar ethos to ours and want to make a positive ecological impact.

Minimise waste

This should go without saying, but we are fervent about reducing waste. That means no plastic, using recyclable or biodegradable  materials and losing any unnecessary packaging. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate all single use materials in our business.

Yuzu negroni
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