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We want people to engage with nature and their surroundings. Whether in an urban environment or in the countryside. Idyll will curate a selection of experiences that get people outside, having fun and learning practically rather than from behind a computer screen. These experiences will be curated alongside a network of professional and reputable foragers. 

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Wild Gin Distillation

What could be more bespoke than distilling your own spirit with botanicals you have foraged for yourself?

The day will start with a foraging walk, accompanied by an experienced forager, where we gather a selection
of wild ingredients. Upon returning to camp you’ll be treated to cocktails and a luxury ‘wild’ picnic.

Your botanicals are then taken and distilled into your own bespoke wild gin, which is then sent to via post within 5 working days.

Cocktail walks

Join us on a foraging walk, accompanied with some of the most experienced foragers in the UK, as we gather and learn about wild ingredients and how to use them.

Each wild ingredient, will be accompanied by a pre-made cocktail, that showcases it’s unique flavour and the surprsing ways it can be transformed into a delcious cocktail ingredient.

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For those wanting to take a deep dive into foraging and how to use wild ingredients in their drinks, idyll will be hosting a series of masterclasses, virtually and in person (when permitted). If you want to learn how to brew your own nettle beer or how to use wild carrot seed in a cordial, these masterclasses are for you.

Nomadic Dinners

Partnering with a selection of
amazing and talented chefs, idyll aims to bring the dinning experience outdoors and around the camp fire. Using the best seasonal, local and wild ingredients, we want to highlight the amazing bounty the British Isles have to offer, all whilst enjoying the company of your friends, safely in an outdoor setting.

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