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Oyster Shell Martini

Menu Creation

From cocktail creation to non-alcoholic options, we create menus that focus on wild ingredients and produce from regenerative producers. We understand the need to balance profitability and sustainability. Our menus support small scale producers that operate along regenerative and sustainable principles and focus on creating long term relationships that benefit consumer and supplier in equal measure.


Understanding the principles behind rewilding and regenerative practices is an empowering and important element when explaining the product you offer. We offer multiple training experiences that are both practical and theoretical, from seminars (in person and virtual) to visiting suppliers directly, we believe that learning happens just as much outdoors as it does in front of a screen.

Marcis bartender


Sometimes it’s as simple as connecting good people together. Idyll is here to connect the network of amazing small scale producers championing sustainable, wild and regeneratively farmed produce, with the incredible people who make our hospitality industry.


The practical demands of working in the hospitality industry, especially in these challenging times can make implementing sustainability initiatives a daunting process. We are here to help create a practical approach and implement an infrastructure that allows rewilding and sustainability to become a positive and long term asset to your business.

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