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Idyll is about rewilding drinks, in its most fundamental sense this means acknowledging how co-dependent we are on nature, especially in the hospitality industry. At the heart of idyll are key concepts such as rewilding, regenerative farming and sustainable foraging. 

idyll drinks pine forest soda, made with douglas fir and scot's pine

pine forest soda

Working with a sustainable foraging company, who harvest our douglas fir and scots pine, we have created a clear carbonated soda, that captures the essence of a pine forest. ​It is delicious as a substitute for tonic water in a GnT, in a whisky highball or just served as is.  However, you choose to drink it, it is a delicious and unique experience. ​We also donate a 5p from every can sold to UK charity Rewilding Britain.


wild apple soda

infused with hogweed seeds& sweet woodruff

The UK has an abundance of apple orchards, with some the best quality fruit in the world. Despite this, according to some estimates up to 800,000 apples are wasted in the UK per day. It’s in that spirit that we have chosen to champion British seasonal apples in our second wild soda. Working directly with small scale farms to source the best UK apple juice,. we add a touch high quality cider vinegar sourced from Oliver’s in Herefordshire and to this we add an infusion of hogweed seeds and sweet woodruff, two wild botanicals that compliment the aromas and flavour of apple. The combination is refreshing and complex, like bitting into a fresh apple infused with cardamon, coriander seed, orange zest and a hint of hay.


wild rhubarb soda

infused with meadowsweet

Utilising one of the UK’s most popular heritage crops, we have created a refreshing take on the classic cream soda. We lengthen rhubarb juice sourced from small regenerative UK farms with a meadowsweet infusion, a quintessential wild british plant.Meadowsweet has a sweet aroma, reminiscent of freshly cut hay and bourbon vanilla. It pairs beautifully with the acidity of the rhubarb. This is a sophisticated soda that pairs particularly well with vermouths and bitters such as Campari or Aperol 


wild gooseberry soda

infused with rooibos

Our latest release is a proud collaboration with our friends at the rare tea co. Wild Rooibos harvested in its indigenous habitat, the Cederberg Mountains in South Africa. The complexity of the Rooibos (deep earthy notes, bright red berries and cedar) pairs beautiful with the green acidity of British gooseberries, sourced from small scale British farms. It’s a great alternative to ice tea or ginger ale, and mixes particularly well with Cognac, Rum and Sake.

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If you have any questions about idyll, our products and services, or just want to chat about an idea that relates to rewilding. Please feel free to reach out, we'd love to hear from you!

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