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rewilding drinks


Idyll is about people rewilding their drinks, whether at home or in bars.

Idyll is a drinks business co-founded by Marcis Dzelzainis and Luke McFayden in 2020. Idyll is about rewilding drinks, in its most fundamental sense this means acknowledging how co-dependent we are on nature, especially in the hospitality industry. At the heart of idyll are key concepts such as rewilding, regenerative farming and sustainable foraging. Our aim is to work towards creating a carbon positive framework for the hospitality industry.

product development


We aim to do product development a little differently. Our guiding principle is that any products we develop, should be designed according to sustainable and regenerative principles. We also want to create products that we have a personal connection to and that we believe in. So whether you are looking to develop a spirit, soft drink or cocktail recipes, we can help you do so in manner that has a positive ecological impact and be very tasty all at the same time. 

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We want people to engage with nature and their surroundings. Whether in an urban environment or in the countryside. Idyll will curate a selection of experiences that get people outside, having fun and learning practically rather than from behind a computer screen. These experiences will be curated alongside a network of professional and reputable foragers. 


From cocktail creation to non-alcoholic options, we create menus that focus on wild ingredients and produce from regenerative producers. We understand the need to balance profitability and sustainability. Our menus support small scale producers that operate along regenerative and sustainable principles and focus on creating long term relationships that benefit consumer and supplier in equal measure.

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Learning about a new subject can be a daunting experience. With so much information out there, sometimes it’s difficult to see the wood for the trees. Idyll is a a resource that brings the elements of rewilding, foraging and regenerative farming, all under one roof. Exploring their overlap, similarities and differences. Our aim is to create a practical approach to these ideologies, that allows people to put them into practise in their everyday life and for businesses to integrate into their sustainability strategies. Most importantly we believe that education should take place outdoors as much as in front of a screen.